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The Biggest Gym and Health Club in Dubai Silicon Oasis


In order to stay committed to being fit, you need to choose a gym that is relatively close to you. Most people- even the most committed- will find it hard to drive for a long time to hit the gym. Fitness4Life will make your life easy. It is the biggest health club in Dubai Silicon Oasis. When choosing a gym, you have to find a gym that has all activities under the same roof. We have a wide variety of activities which target both fun and benefit. Enjoy our outstanding services that will surely become your personal favorite. Don’t settle for less, only the best.

Ladies Only Workout


Hitting the gym would be the ideal solution for women who want to commit to a healthy lifestyle. For all the shy ladies out there who treasure their privacy, Fitness4Life has your back. Our ladies only workout will help you channel your energy in a safe environment. We present ideal spaces for working out without any disturbances. Our ladies only workouts are tailored and equipped to suits women’s demands and needs. Enjoy all the Fitness4Life amenities with the added benefit of the privacy.

Premium Amenities and Activities for all the Members of Family


Families who train together, become stronger together. Nothing beats a family that trains side by side. However, when hitting a gym with your family, you have to bare in mind that it has amenities and activities that are suitable for all family members. For those who love dancing, feel free to join Zumba, Latin Rhythm or dance4Life classes. Body combat or Body Pump is the answer for those who want to have lean bodies. Fitness4Life provides women only classes as well as kids’ activities. If you’re seeking relaxation, then Yoga classes will be your safe haven. Thus, Fitness4Life is the healthy environment that you’ve been seeking for you and all your family members.

Dedicated Trainers and Nutrition Consulting Services


If you’re looking for an efficient personal fitness programs and nutrition consulting services in Dubai, then you’ve reached the right doorstep. Fitness4Life provides the best personal trainers in Dubai. Get faster and better results with the aid of our professional personal trainers. They will be the objective eye watching over your shoulder to keep you committed to your fitness track. Reduce the chances of injuries as our trainers will teach you how to execute all moves correctly. Say goodbye to plateau, Fitness4Life’s trainers will help you push through and stay motivated along the way. We provide customized programs that fits each and every individual based on their needs or goals.

Group Exercise Classes


The more the merrier. Everything done in a group is much better and more enjoyable. Group exercise gives you the needed motivation that you’ll not get working out alone. You’ll be at your best as you’re in front of your classmates. You’ll be more encouraged because there are a lot of people doing it already. You’ll increase your social circle by getting to know new people sharing the same interests as yours. In GX all out trainers are more than qualified and self-motivated. They will effectively lend a helping hand to aid you in the transformation process.

Kids Health and Summer Camps


Kids’ health is the first aspect that parents have to focus on. Having a healthy body is a way of paving the way for kids’ ultimate success in all walks of life. Thus, Fitness4Life started laying great emphasis on kids healthy by starting summer camps. Aid kids lead a fruitful life by putting them on the route of physical health. Widen your kids’ horizons and discover their true potential through the doors of the best health club in Silicon Oasis, Fitness4Life. We have a wide variety of healthy activities for kids. All this and more under the guidance of our qualified dedicated trainers.

Indoor and Outdoor Workouts


Whether you prefer working indoors or outdoors, Fitness4Life provides both to fit your demands. If you prefer having the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, then you have to try our outdoor workout sessions. Get the vitamin D that you need for stronger bones and healthier skin. If you don’t want to get tan and the sun isn’t really your thing, then indoor activities is what you.