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Majeed Femi


He is a High School / Club Level Football Coach who has a great understanding of the balance between winning and education. His goals are to cement sportsmanship in players, develop their game plans that utilize as many players as possible and maintaining strong connections with the players’ parents. He is specialized in being a head coach or defensive coordinator. He coached several players who pioneered and excelled in this field. He won three state championships and six regional championships. He also maintained a 99 percent graduation rate for high school players.

Prasanth Narendran


Prasanth started his career as a fitness trainer 9 years ago during college period. At first, it was a part-time job in fitness center his neighborhood. His uncle who was training his friends in college for university championships, was also the manager of this fitness center. He sensed his passion in the field of fitness right away. Accordingly, he immediately enrolled for fitness course with ISSA upon his graduation. In the meanwhile, he participated in a bodybuilding competition and won as a 1st runner- in the 70-kilogram category. Being certified fitness instructor provided me with the skill of helping clients realize that they hold the key to leading a healthy fit, life.



Russel owes his success to the personal experiences that he has during his journey towards a ripped muscular body. he managed to keep himself motivated for a decade now. He says,” Keeping myself motivated for 9 years undergoing various trainings, mixed martial arts, functional trainings and weight lifting. Now it’s been 10 Years that I’m in fitness industry and it’s my turn now to help people reach their goal and keep them motivated.”

He is a REPS Certified Level 2 Gym Instructor (Career Sports Fitness Academy) and also, REPS Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer. (Career Sports Fitness Academy)

He specializes in Specialties – Functional Training:

– Weight Loss Management

– Muscle Gain

– Muscle Toning & Definition

He also says, ‘’The wolf on top of the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill.”



He started his swimming career 8 years ago as a lifeguard. However, this wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to learn more and develop himself. Further, he was awarded various certification courses. These courses focused on how to teach swimming properly and in accordance with international and the UAE standards. We are proud to have a US and UK certified swimming instructor within our team. Additionally, he also worked as a kids’ activity coordinator. Here’s a list of his qualifications and certifications:

– Lifeguard course in Dubai with RLSS UK international certificate.

– National pool lifeguard qualification.

– A registered UK trade mark of royal saving society.

– Safety and leisure Training in the Middle East.

Hammed Makinde


A highly competent and enthusiastic personal trainer with a proven ability to help people achieve their fitness goals. He possesses an impressive track record of evaluating client’s physical fitness, understanding their needs and developing a practical, achievable workout routine for them to reach their targets. He bears the necessary communication skills required to gain his clients’ trust and hence, retain their business. Over 220 new gym members have successfully signed up during the past 12 months. When asked about what he thinks of his career towards working with Fitness4Life he said, “Now I looking to a further successful career after working for an ambitious and exciting fitness center.”