Fitness 4 Life located at the Cedre Shopping Center, Dubai Silicon Oasis(DSO). A multi-functional gym with the latest equipment and committed to providing customers with   clean,   comfortable,   state-of-the-art   facilities   operated   by   a   courteous, knowledgeable staff. We pride ourselves in bringing you exceptional service and exclusive exercise equipment and programs at a fair price all within a family-oriented environment

We will support and inspire our clients in adopting a healthy-eating lifestyle by planning weekly meals to meet their nutritional needs. We're proud of what we do here and we feel that given the chance, you'll want to pursue your fitness goals with us

Group Fitness

Challenge and connect your mind and body with yoga asanas, vinyasas, conscious breathing, stretching, and relaxation techniques. Yoga is an individual practice where all judgment, competition, and expectations are let go ...


A high intensity functional work out challenge
For ages above 16
Registration on reception and on facebook ...

Kids Fitness

Our new Kids Club has been developed to give the family community of Silicon Oasis and surrounding areas a great facility for their children to participant in various sports and fitness activities in a safe, fun ...